Sunday, July 12, 2015



A boy goes to a strip club... 
His mom finds out and gets very angry, 
but she asks him if he saw anything he 
wasn't supposed to see. 
 He says, "yeah, I saw dad". 

You know the relationship is serious if you have to see what 
she's wearing before you decide what YOU are going to wear. 

Mrs. Ryan, a mean looking woman, claimed her 
husband was not thoughtful. 
In this she was wrong; her husband thought 
about her too much. 
One morning on his way to work, he thought 
about her so much that he got off the subway at 
34th Street and went to the Greyhound Terminal 
and took a bus to Yuma, Arizona.

Russian roulette: 
You win some, you lose one...

Recently attended the National Stalkers convention. 
Everyone slept in the bushes outside the hotel.

The government of China announced today, 
that they would be removing all telephones from 
their country. 
After 6 months of hard lobbying, the organization 
for Independent Speech has convinced Chinese 
politicians to take this action. 
They argued that there are too many Wings and 
Wongs and that many people are becoming 
annoyed when others Wing the Wong number. 

My wife left me because she said I'm not very approachable. 
It was the harshest e-mail I ever got. 

I stopped at a fast-food restaurant recently. 
I was fascinated by a sign which offered Fat-Free French Fries. 
I decided to give them a try. 
I was dismayed when the clerk pulled a basket of fries from 
the fryer, which was dripping with fat. 
He filled a bag with these fries and put them in my order. 
"Just a minute!" I said...... "Those aren't fat-free." 
"Yes, they are. 
We only charge for the potatoes . . . the fat is free!" 

If you need someone to park your bicycle, look for a man 
with a handle bar must-stash. 

Today I saw a homeless man pick up a brochure for a 
computer repairer. 
I guess he's having computer problems?