Friday, November 14, 2014


ObamaCare Architect Says Obamacare was 
Designed to Deceive the 'Stupid' American 

Chuck Norris beat Ray Charles and 
Stevie Wonder in a staring contest. 
At the same time. 

Married  life is very frustrating.  
In the first year  of marriage, the man speaks and 
the woman  listens.  
In the second year, the woman speaks and the 
man listens. 
In the third year, they  both speak and the 
neighbours listen..      
In  marriage, a man can have words with his wife, 
but, a woman can have paragraphs with her  

The man charged into the jewelry shop, slammed 
his fists angrily on the showcase, removed a 
wristwatch from his pocket and shook it under 
the nose of the owner. 
“You said this watch would last me a lifetime,” 
he yelled. 
“Yeah,” admitted the owner. 
“But you looked pretty sick the day you bought it.” 

I was planning to get a flu shot 
until I found out it isn't a kind of drink. 

Askhole ( n ); 
A person who constantly asks for your advice, 
yet always does the exact opposite............ 

SOMETIMES I LAUGH  so hard............... 
tears run down my leg.

If you leave me a voice mail that asks me 
to call you back at my convenience you have 
no one to blame but yourself.  

And the Lord said to Peter 
"come forth and you will receive eternal life". 
But Peter came fifth and won a toaster.

Captain Hook hated Paper Scissors Rock since he 
could only play Question Mark, which had no 
value in the game.